I just wanted to drop you a letter and let you know how thankful I am to you for helping us complete our family with our lil angel, Olly. He has settled in and bonded to us all quite well. I’ve had a lot of different breeds and this is my first Poodle puppy. I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on!!! He is the most perfect, sweet loveable little pet.Thanks alot.

Karan Larsen

Well, Halle has become the best Poodle I’ve ever owned. She’s so stinkin’ smart, ready to go do anything, any time. She’s very much like Maya in that she’s very curious and ready. She’s very good with the dogs, and she goes with me on all my trail rides with the horses and sticks with us through several hours riding. I should have named her Joy – she’s always so full of that; she makes me happy and makes me laugh every day. Thank you so much for her…really

Amanda Dixon

I bought Murphy some weeks ago, He is great. He is very sweet and mild mannered, but can be very friendly and playful when appropriate. Living in New York. We are introducing him to other Poodle puppies and dogs as much as possible, and so far he plays appropriately with them without any aggression or (much) fear. Thanks

Gale Thomas

Thank you for our precious baby girl Morgan. She exceeded my expectations. From start to finish all communications was good and Poodle Pups was professional and all went smoothly.

John Miller

We are so grateful to you for giving us the Poodle “Raoul”. I am so amazed at how smart and trainable he has been! Everyone is so amazed at how well behave he is at such a young age. He is an amazing puppy. And he is so amazing with my two young boys, I don’t know what they did before him, they always try to negotiate him coming along with us wherever we go. He is my little shadow and follows me everywhere. Thank you so much for giving us such an amazing dog and starting him off great in life, he is everything we wanted and more!

Maria Rogers